Plant Models

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Dicotyledon Leaf Model
Code: ZKD-950-R
A section through a typical leaf, showing epidermis, palisade and spongy mesophyll, vascular bundle and stomata. Supplied with key card. Size 15x10x6cm...

Dicotyledon Root (Vicia Fabia)
Code: ZKD-902-R
A section through a typical dicotyledon root in the region of the root hairs. One side shows a longitudinal section through phloem and the other through xylem together with adjacent tissues. Radius of section 17cm, thickness 6 cm. Supplied with a ke..

Dicotyledon Stem (Helianthus S
Code: ZKD-922-D
The top surface of the model represents a transverse section of a wedge shaped sector of the stem and includes all the tissues from epidermis to pith. One entire vascular bundle is shown and half an adjacent one. The interfasicular tissues and vascul..

Fern Life Cycle Model
Code: ZKD-870-L
A series of eight models displaying the alternation of generations in the life cycle of the fern. The series is: sori on pinnule; sori after dehiscence; vertical section of sorus; structure of dehiscing sporangium; prothallus with antheridia and arch..

Flower Model
Code: ZKD-995-F
A greatly enlarged (10x) model to demonstrate the floral components and reproductive function of the flower. Each of the eight parts of the flower model represents one of the unique structural components such as the petals, sepals, stamens and p..

Monocot Root (Iris) Model
Code: ZKD-900-G
A wedge shaped sector through a typical monocotyledon root, giving transverse and longitudinal sections. Longitudinal section of phloem and xylem tissues are shown. Supplied with key card. Size 34x21.5x5cm...

Monocotyledon Stem (Zea Mais)
Code: ZKD-920-P
Transverse and longitudinal sections of all tissues from epidermis to pith are included on this model. Two entire vascular bundles are shown, one entering into the stem from a leaf trace. Another two vascular bundles are shown in section, with longit..

Pollination And Fertilisation
Code: ZKD-990-M
The main model is a vertical section through the stigma, style and ovary, showing the growth of the pollen tubes to the ovules. Separate models show anther, anther dehiscing, and different types of ovary in transverse and longitudinal section. Base s..

Woody Dicot Stem (Tilia) Model
Code: ZKD-924-X
A sector of a two-year-old stem with transverse, longitudinal and tangential sections. Shows development of annual growth rings. Size 35.5x25x6cm. With key card...