Hands and Wrists

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Hand Articulated
Code: ZJY-760-L
Fully articulated with wire...

Hand Articulated Coloured
Code: ZJY-766-V
Fully articulated with wire. The muscular attachments are painted on in red and blue...

Hand Articulated Loosely
Code: ZJY-768-N
Loosely strung on nylon...

Hand Loosely Articulated On Elastic
Code: ZJY-769-E
Hand Loosely Articulated On Elastic..

Skeletal Hand with Ligaments and Carpal Tunnel
Code: ZJY-770-H
This skeletal 3 part hand model shows the anatomical detail of the ligaments and tendons found in the hand, wrist, and lower forearm. The interosseous membrane between the radius and ulna is shown along with the bones of the hand. The flexor retunacu..

Wrist Joint Movable
Code: ZJY-750-S
A life size model showing the full range of movements and comprising the lower halves of the ulna and radius with the bones of the hand...