Feet and Ankles

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Ankle Joint Movable
Code: ZJY-900-X
Comprising the lower halves of the tibia and fibula with the bones of the foot and ankle to show the range of natural movement...

Foot Articulated
Code: ZJY-910-H
Articulated Foot..

Foot Articulated Loosely
Code: ZJY-918-L
The bones of the foot, loosely strung on nylon...

Foot Loosely Articulated On Elastic
Code: ZJY-919-E
The bones of the foot, strung on elastic...

Skeletal Foot with Ligaments
Code: ZJY-915-F
This detailed skeletal foot model shows numerous important ligaments and tendons including the Achilles and peroneus longus tendons of the ankle. The skeletal foot consists of the foot bones and lower portions of the tibia and fibula, including the i..