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Bronchial Tree with Larynx
Code: ZKJ-658-B
This bronchial tree model with larynx was created on the basis of computer tomography data of a human (male, approx. 40 years) and preserves the natural spatial 3D-relations and the reciprocal location of the segmental bronchi.  The larynx with ..

Code: ZKJ-659-T
A model of the terminal bronchiole system of the lungs, complementary to ZKJ-649-D. Greatly enlarged and manufactured in rigid unbreakable material. 13cm long...

Heart & Lungs
Code: ZKJ-657-Y
A life size model separating into 7 parts. The lungs have two removable lobes to show the internal structures, the heart bisects showing atria ventricles and valves, the larynx bisects and the diaphragm is shown. On base, size 31x41x12cm...

Lung - Budget Model
Code: ZKJ-663-L
A full size model of the right lung, dissected on one side to show trachea bifurcation,bronchus,blood vessels and lymph nodes.On base, not dissectible, size 14x11x23cm...

Lung Lobule
Code: ZKJ-661-X
This model shows an approximately x20 enlargement of a section through the lungs. A bronchus, bronchioles and alveoli are shown with the accompanying pulmonary and bronchial blood vessels. Model is 12x10x3cm. With key card...

Lung Pathologies
Code: ZKJ-655-P
Life-size 2-sided model of both lungs with 4 seperate cutaway sections illustrating healthy anatomy and the effects of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), cancer and asthma.   Size: 11 x 14 x 21 cm each   ..

Respiratory Organs
Code: ZKJ-649-D
A life size model in unbreakable material, finely coloured to show all major anatomical detail. The diaphragm shows muscles, tendons and openings for the major vessels and oesophagus. The aorta shows the origins of five abdominal arteries. Three thor..

Respiratory System, 1/2 Life-Size
Code: ZKJ-654-H
A half life-size representation of the human respiratory system, including detailed reproductions of the lungs, trachea and upper respiratory tract. The model comes on a removable stand.     Size: 16 x 13 x 28 cm, weight: 0.4 kg  ..