Dental Education

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Adult Teeth Set of 32 Life-Size
Code: ZKH-778-A
Set of 32 life size teeth cast in plastic. Accurate anatomical detail is shown on this complete set of adult teeth. Supplied in box. ..

Cosmetic Dentistry Maxilla 6-Part
Code: ZDM-011-CD
Maxilla showing a variety of cosmetic dentistry procedures, including gold and natural inlays, natural veneers, natural colour fillings and a bridge. This model is best used in dental offices as a patient educational aid, illustrating many of the tr..

Crown & Bridge Combination Maxilla
Code: ZDM-015-CB
Maxilla showing crown & bridge combination of implants with illustration of gums and palate. Implant combination removable from model to show construction.   A dental implant is an artificial substitute/replacement for the root portion of y..

Deciduous Teeth Set of 20 Life-Size
Code: ZKH-780-S
A full set of 20 primary (deciduous, milk) teeth manufactured in a durable synthetic material creating faithful replicas of the natural dentition. Supplied in box. ..

Dental Implant Overdenture Model with Two Locator Inserts
Code: ZDM-009-OM
Dental Implant & Over Denture Model, Includes: Lower Arch Model with 2 Anterior generic Implants, Featuring Locator Abutments and Attachments. Full Denture is removable for easy demonstrations. Overdenture Model using 2 implant locators on ..

Hybrid Mandible
Code: ZDM-017-HM
A hybrid mandible showing a single-tooth implant and both implant and conventional bridges. This clearly illustrates the difference between implant techniques and conventional bridge techniques. The single tooth is also removable to show the implant..

Implant Practice Building Kit
Code: ZDM-007-BK
Dental implant kit containing one of each of our implant models, supplied in a hard case with foam interior for presentation and protection purposes.   1. Dental Implant Overdenture Mandible 2. Cosmetic Dentistry Maxilla 3. Partial Framework M..

Mini-Implant Mandible
Code: ZDM-019-MI
Mandible showing mini-implant technology; mini implants are often used to secure dentures in place and are a slightly smaller version of the normal “locator” type. This allows for smaller drill sizes when fitting the implant and therefor..

Orthodontic Maxilla & Mandible with Fixed Braces
Code: ZDM-005-OR
Both upper and lower models have full arch wires with coloured brackets. The model uses genuine orthodontic brackets and wire. It is a dental educational model for prospective patients, enabling them to see the appearance and understand the complexi..

Partial Framework Maxilla with Locator Stud & Cap
Code: ZDM-013-PF
Maxilla showing a partial framework denture with single locator stud and cap. This is a perfect educational tool for prospective patients with reference to the possibility of a framework denture as an alternative to having two separate implant bridg..

Partially Endentulous Mandible with Tissue
Code: ZDM-001-MT
Partially edentulous mandible model for drilling and other surgical training exercises. The model material closely resembles the density of bone and can be varied to accommodate individual preference. A tissue-like coating is applied and is ideal fo..

Partially Endentulous Maxilla
Code: ZDM-003-PE
Partially edentulous maxilla model for drilling and other surgical training exercises. The model material closely resembles the density of bone and can be varied to accommodate individual preference. The model is ideal for procedures such as implant..