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Arteriosclerosis Model
Code: ZKJ-680-A
A greatly enlarged model of an artery depicting arteriosclerotic changes in four stages, from slight sedimentation to a completely clogged vessel. On base 34.5x11.5x11.5cm...

Atherosclerosis & Thrombosis Model
Code: ZKJ-681-T
Atherosclerosis is the most common acquired disease of arteries in developed countries. This pathology is characterised by thickening of the arterial walls with subsequent loss of elasticity and is associated with a buildup of plaque (mainly choleste..

Circulatory System 1/2 Size
Code: ZKJ-697-D
This 1/2 life-size relief model of the human circulatory system details the following anatomical structures: The arterial/venous system Heart Lung Liver Spleen Kidneys Partial skeleton This is a colourful and anatomically accurate teaching a..

Foetal Circulation
Code: ZKJ-718-W
A one piece, half schematic model of the foetal heart, lungs, liver placenta and cord, aorta and vena cava in distinctive colours and marked to show the circulation and direction of flow of the blood. Mounted on base 27x44cm...

Occluded Artery Model
Code: ZKJ-682-C
This model represents a "see-through" artery that has an accumulation of plaque (cholesterol deposits) inhibiting the flow of blood. When the model is inverted, the red blood cells attempt to flow through the constrictions simulating the fl..

Vascular Arm
Code: ZKJ-688-E
Life size model of the left arm and hand in a semi-flexed position with the brachial, radial and ulnar arteries and accompanying veins with their radicals in situ. The complete circulatory system of the hand is shown on both palmar and dorsal surface..

Vascular Foot
Code: ZKJ-691-F
Life size model of the right foot with all major veins and arteries depicted. The circulatory system is shown on both dorsal and plantar surfaces. Foot can be removed and placed on the stand upside down to facilitate viewing of the plantar surfa..

Vascular Hand
Code: ZKJ-689-H
Life size model of the left hand in a semi-flexed position with all major veins and arteries depicted. The circulatory system is shown on both palmar and dorsal surfaces. Hand can be rotated to allow easy viewing of model from all angles and can be r..

Vein & Artery
Code: ZKJ-678-L
Greatly enlarged plaque model, featuring a typical vein and artery, sectioned to indicate the various layers and the depth of penetration of the vasa vasorum. With the vein sectioned to show valves, the arterial and venous nerve network clearly shown..