Foetal Development

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Embryo 1st Month
Code: ZKK-330-J
Embryo 1st Month..

Embryo In Uterus 2nd Month
Code: ZKK-336-T
Embryo In Uterus 2nd Month..

Embryo In Uterus 3rd Month
Code: ZKK-340-C
Embryo In Uterus 3rd Month..

Foetal Development, 8 Models
Code: ZKK-362-C
Foetal Development, 8 Models..

Foetus In 7th Month
Code: ZKK-354-R
Foetus In 7th Month..

Human Embryo
Code: ZKK-326-D
A 25 times enlarged model of a human embryo of about 4 weeks development. Model on stand, removable, size 12x12x23cm...

Pelvis With Foetus
Code: ZKK-364-K
A life size cross section of the pelvic region showing a removable full term foetus in the normal position. A separate 3rd month model is present for comparison. Supplied with key card, size 38x25x40cm...

Twin Foetuses In 5th Month
Code: ZKK-360-L
Twin Foetuses In 5th Month..

Uterus With Foetus, 4-5th Month
Code: ZKK-344-B
Uterus With Foetus,4-5th Month..

Uterus With Foetus, 5th Month, Transverse
Code: ZKK-350-S
Uterus With Foetus, 5th Month, transverse lie...

Uterus, 5th Month, Breech
Code: ZKK-346-M
Uterus, 5th Month, Breech..