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Diseases of the Urinary Bladder & Prostate
Code: ZKJ-168-D
This life-size model, sectioned along the frontal plane, shows, in typical locations, five different pathologies of the male urinary bladder and prostate: Bladder stones, Cystitis, Diverticulum, Benign prostatic hypertrophy (BPH) and Bladder tumour a..

Kidney & Adrenal Section - Budget Model
Code: ZKJ-784-A
A twice life size sectional model of the right kidney and adrenal gland, partially dissected.On base with key card. Size 10x6x17cm...

Kidney Life Size
Code: ZKJ-782-L
A full size model with adrenal gland, partially dissected to show detailed internal and external structure. The features shown include ureter, cortex, medulla, renal artery and vein, pyramid, papilla and calices, with a single nephron picked out in w..

Kidney Model
Code: ZKJ-778-D
A bisected enlarged tutorial model. The anatomical markings include diagrammatic representation of urine secretion. Supplied with two plastic support stands. 23x12.5x8cm...

Kidney Section
Code: ZKJ-759-L
A 3 times enlarged longitudinal section of a kidney. The structures are clearly shown. Not dissectible. On base, with key card, size 20x33x10cm...

Kidney, Nephron and Glomerulus Model
Code: ZKJ-764-L
Three models mounted on a single base, not dissectible. In addition to the kidney model ZKJ-759-L, there is a section showing a nephron, enlarged about 120 times and a glomerulus (Malpighian corpuscle) enlarged about 700 times. Supplied with key card..

Male Urinary Bladder and Prostate, 2-Part
Code: ZKJ-166-M
This 3 times life-size model shows the male urinary bladder with the prostate gland and the urethra. The model is dissectible to expose both internal and external structures of the bladder and prostate, including the ureteric and urethral orifices, d..