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Hair Model, 100x Life-Size
Code: ZKJ-560-H
This item is composed of four different models on the same base: the first is a longitudinal section, 100x life-size, of the hair root. The other three models are cross sections, greatly enlarged, of the hair shaft, hair root and hair bulb. The use o..

Skin Acne - Budget Model
Code: ZKJ-590-A
Skin Acne - Budget ModelEnlarged cross-section of skin with relief detail displaying: acne pustule (pimple) on one side and open comedo (blackhead) on backside. Also shown are epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous tissue details of normal skin, includin..

Skin Block Model, 70x Life Size
Code: ZKJ-585-S
This 70 x life-size model shows a section of human skin in three dimensions. Individual skin layers are detailed along with important structures of the skin such as hair, sebaceous and sweat glands, receptors, nerves and vessels. Mounted on a base. ..

Skin Hairy & Hairless
Code: ZKJ-570-H
This detailed model shows the difference between these two types of skin. There is a separate section of the nail and a very enlarged representation of a hair root on the base. Size 10x12.5x14cm...

Skin Model
Code: ZKJ-562-Q
A vertical block section of the skin, with finely painted detail on all surfaces. Made from a slightly flexible material, the model has a removable epidermis and shows the main structures of the skin. Complete with key card. Size 18x15x28cm...

Skin Section
Code: ZKJ-580-N
A vertical section of skin, enlarged about 75 times. The section shows the different layers of the skin and passes through a hair follicle and shaft. Blood vessels, sebaceous glands and sweat glands are shown, as are the different nerve receptors. Mo..

Skin, Hair & Nail Desktop Model
Code: ZKJ-594-D
This model makes it easy to compare the structures of hairy and hairless skin and the associated skin glands and vessels. Also included in the model are a hair root cross section and a nail in anatomical setting cross section. The model is greatly en..

Skin,4-Part Model
Code: ZKJ-578-T
Main model, approximately 2.5cm thick, represents a section of the human skin from the scalp, showing hair follicles with associated structures, sebaceous and sweat glands. The second model shows two enlarged papillaries with tactile corpuscle and bl..