Advanced Military Casualty Simulation Kit

Advanced Military Casualty Simulation Kit
Product Code: ZKN-108-P
Price: £721.00

Advanced Military Casualty Simulation Kit

Size: 56cm (22") x 33cm (13") x 38cm (15"). Sh. wt. 11 kg (24 lbs).

This is the one for creating a disaster where application of makeup on multiple casualties creates the widest range of wounds. This kit contains specialty wounds associated with gunshots, like perforations, major avulsions, and complex jaw wounds, and a large supply of makeup components.

Kit Contents:
Bleeding Strap on Moulages complete with Reservoir Bag & Pump Assembly: 2 Compound Fracture Humerus (Upper Arm), 2 Compound Fracture Tibia (Lower Leg), 5 Dozen Assorted Stick-On Injury Simulations, 1 Make Up Palette, 1 Pair Of Scissors, 1 Mirror, 1 Measuring Cup, 2 Atomizer Mist Sprayer, 1 Casualty Simulation Wax, 1 Body Adhesive For Stick-On Wounds, 2 Bottles Of Coagulant Makeup Blood, 3 Packages Of Powder To Make, Three Gallons Of Simulated Blood, 1 Methyl Cellulose For Blood Thickening, 2 Packages Of Broken Plexiglas, Simulating Glass Imbedded In Wound, 2 Fake Dirt, 1 Glycerine For Simulating Perspiration, 1 Cold Cream, 1 Mineral Oil, 1 Charcoal, 3 Latex Compound to simulate scars, 2 Petroleum Jelly, 2 Pressure Sensitive Tape, 1 Plastalene Modeling Paste - White, 1 Plastalene Modeling Paste - Dark, 2 Each Makeup Liners, Colors: Red, Blue, Brown, White, Yellow, Black & Flesh ) Reorder Is 1 Each.

Also Included: An Assortment of Cotton Balls (100 Pk.), Cotton Applicators/Swab Sticks (100 Pk.), Tongue Depressors (Pk. 100), Tissues, Makeup Sponges (Set Of 6), and Spatulas (Pk. 6).