MedicAir® Air Purifier

MedicAir® Air Purifier
MedicAir® Air Purifier MedicAir® Air Purifier
Product Code: SDT-MED-WHT
Price: £815.00


Protect your patients, reassure your staff.


MedicAir® uses medical grade purification technology to purify your air by up to 99.9% from viruses (including Covid-19 surrogates H1N1 and MS2), bacteria, allergens and other undesirable contaminants. 

MedicAir® has been independently tested by world accredited labs and is used in thousands of healthcare facilities globally.


Hidden health risks

Healthcare facilities are host to a high number of harmful pollutants, putting patients and residents at risk of moderate to severe illness and infection. Chemicals released from cleaning products and outdoor air components can be the cause of multiple allergies and illnesses and living with multiple people can be a source of rapid infection transmission. Between October 2016 and April 2017, of 1,055 respiratory illness outbreaks reported to Public Health England, almost 80% occurred in care homes.

Peace of mind for everyone

We understand that you cannot be with those you care for 24/7, however our MedicAir® app allows you to monitor and enhance their indoor air quality at all times, giving you constant peace of mind.


MedicAir® in your healthcare facility

The MedicAir® is able to purify the air from harmful pollutants including bacteria, viruses, pollen and soot in under 30 minutes.

The MedicAir® state of the art carbon filter also works to remove unpleasant and harmful gases such as carbon monoxide and sulphur dioxide as well as chemicals such as ammonia, all commonly found inside healthcare facilities.