CPR Prompt CPR/AED Training System Plus - Blue

CPR Prompt CPR/AED Training System Plus - Blue
Product Code: ZKN-235-C
Price: £307.00
Protect your training equipment with this CPR/AED Training System Plus from CPR Prompt. This custom designed kit provides you with the latest in CPR and AED training tools, including CPR Voice Prompts. It's the perfect tool for the educator on the go or public safety responders (police, firefighters, airline flight attendants, security officers, etc.) who need to practice CPR and AED skills on a regular basis.

Packed in a rugged black nylon carrying case with one quarter inch foam padding throughout, the kit includes one adult/child manikin; a CPR Prompt Rescue and Practice Aid; ElectroLast AED Trainer Electrode Peel-Off Pads to fit each national brand of trainer electrodes, 10 single-use Face Shield/Lung Bags; and a separate padded compartment to protect your AED trainer (not included). The additional five zippered pockets inside and out provide plenty of room for all your other training materials.