AED Trainer Electrode Peel-Off Pads - Medtronic

AED Trainer Electrode Peel-Off Pads - Medtronic
Product Code: ZKN-245-A
Price: £70.00
Low-Tack Adhesive (for CPR Prompt and other foam manikins). Fits Medtronic Physio-ControlÆs LifePak 500T AED trainer electrodes.

ElectroLast AED Trainer Electrode Peel-Off Pads
Stop Buying Expensive AED Trainer Electrodes and Start Saving Today!

These disposable adhesive pads extend the life of your AED trainer electrodes because they are reusable! Up to 20 times! Simply stick your original AED trainer electrode pads onto the ElectroLast pads and use them in class, up to 20 times. Once the ElectroLast pad adhesive wears out, simply replace it with a new pair, instead of replacing your more expensive AED trainer electrode set!

ElectroLast pads are custom designed to fit each of the 3 top national brandsÆ AED trainer electrodes and come with either a low-tack adhesive - to be used with CPR PromptÆs Professional Training Manikins (foam manikins), or a high-tack adhesive - for all other manikins (ôskinö type manikins).