Painted Skull, To Show Muscles & Bones

Painted Skull, To Show Muscles & Bones
Product Code: ZJY-343-P
Price: £248.00

A life size adult skull, horizontally sectioned with removable vault and jaw, made from a unique specially formulated plastic with the look and feel of real bone. This material allows reproduction of fine anatomical detail to the most exacting requirements. The mandible with full dentition is articulated and is removable. The vault lifts to expose all the internal features of the cranium. The separate skull bones are clearly shown and meticulous moulding distinguishes such detail as the fine bones of the nasal concha, internal carotid artery canal and full size styloid processes. The key card supplied lists all the detail shown including foramina, nerve grooves etc. with the main bones of the skull coloured for easy identification on one side, and details of muscle origins and insertions shown on the other side.